Full-time Academic and Training Coordinator Position Available for Learning Center

The Academic and Training Coordinator serves as the point of contact for all instructional staff, students and parents for each specific program. The coordinator collaborates with the team to ensure that the academic component of each program is meeting expectations. The training coordinator provides guidance to instructors to ensure that each course is appropriate for students. This position sets a professional tone for the program and serves as a positive role model for staff and students.

General Responsibilities:

  • Carefully review all program, site and staff materials
  • Attend coordinator training
  • Uphold and promote the Honor Code
  • Follow all rules and regulations concerning staff conduct, appropriate dress, program procedures, and other responsibilities as set forth in the staff handbook and by administrative staff
  • Assume program related responsibilities as requested by the administrative staff
  • Be knowledgeable about administrative and train staff accordingly
  • Academic Coordinators are required to:
  • Manage People by:
  • Clarifying expectations and responsibilities of instructional staff through training activities and immediate feedback
  • Managing and utilizing the skills of the Assistant Academic Coordinator assigned to the relevant program
  • Supporting instructional staff, encouraging collaboration between instructors and teaching assistants, and gathering information through classroom observations
  • Managing staff conduct issues as they arise through modeling and/or appropriate redress
  • Reviewing and editing course syllabi, supervising the collection and organization of student evaluations and any other follow-up documents to ensure consistency with course goals and standards for quality and timeliness
  • Providing timely, meaningful and constructive feedback to academic staff regarding documentation and instructional activities
  • Responding in a positive and supportive manner to instructional staff questions, concerns and needs.

Manage Information by:

  • In collaboration with administrative staff, prepare and facilitate training sessions for instructional staff
  • Working with and maintaining as needed electronic grading and evaluation systems, and training staff as needed on the use of each system
  • Conveying effectively to academic staff, through training experiences and documents, policies and procedures
  • Responding to parent and student inquiries and concerns appropriately
  • Documenting administrative procedures and activities to serve the informational needs of the staff
  • Informing administrative staff of student or staff concerns as appropriate.

Manage Resources by:

  • Overseeing the process of distributing/assigning academic resources such as materials, equipment and room space as requested
  • Executing the collection of equipment, materials and documentation from academic staff at each session’s conclusion, and facilitating academic staff debriefing and preparing a site report.


  • Master’s in Education or related field (preferred) or Bachelor’s degree in education or related field and 3 to 5 years teaching experience required
  • Effective interpersonal and organizational skills and supervisory experience
  • Experience working in an academic setting (preferred)
  • Experience working with multilingual students (preferred)
  • Curriculum development, conflict management, customer service, evaluation experience and setting up online learning portals (highly desired)
  •  Strong work ethic and commitment to teamwork; and
  • Computer proficiency

Compensation is based off of experience. 

If interested, please email resume to info@edinfocom.com

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