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This month is breast cancer awareness month so before you hand out the treats to your trick or treaters, treat yourself to maintaining good breast health. The incidents of breast cancer are on the decline and is in part due to early detection by making sure we complete our monthly self –exams, and getting our yearly mammograms. Checking for lumps in the breast and the arm pit is essential when we perform our self-breast exams. You can perform a self exam by standing in front of your mirror inspecting your breasts for changes in color, shape or contour. If your breasts are not equally sized do not be alarmed; this is normal. You can also perform your exam in the shower by raising each arm and checking for lumps in the breast and armpit. Another way to check your breasts is by lying down and slowly moving your fingers over the entire breast area in a circular motion. Sometimes no symptoms appear with breast cancer which is why our yearly mammogram is important to detect any abnormalities. Help keep breast cancer decline. Contact WNY Medical, PC at 923-4380 or stop by our office at 4979 Harlem Road.

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Diane Woolverton

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