Be Savvy with Supplements

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The best way to get enough vitamins is through food. Eating recommended amounts from the Food Guide Pyramid – grains, vegetables, fruit, dairy, meat, and fats/sugars – promotes good health and high energy. Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) are gender and age specific, geared toward children, adults, males, non-pregnant females, and pregnant females. Many Americans rely on nutritional supplements to get enough vitamins and minerals. A recent study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine reports nearly half of all adult Americans take supplements. Those who may benefit from supplements include people on a doctor-prescribed very low-calorie diet, the elderly, strict vegetarians, lactose-intolerant individuals who cannot drink milk or eat dairy products, and women of child-bearing age who need folate.

P.S. Because excess amounts of certain supplements can be toxic, always check with a doctor before taking them.

Introducing Psychiatric Services

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Psychiatric Services Now Available!

WNY Medical, PC is pleased to announce that we are starting psychiatric services for our patients. This new service is available at 4985 Harlem Road, Amherst, NY 14226 formerly the location of Niagara Frontier Psychiatric Services and right next door to our Amherst Office (4979 Harlem Road).

Joining WNY Medical, PC as part of our psychiatric division are:

  • M. Sadiqur Rahman, MD
  • Rashida Khanam, MD
  • Vinayak S. Gokhale, MD
  • Ramesh Konakanchi, MD
  • Mohammed Saeed, MD
  • Faye Taber, NP
  • William Bermingham, LCSWR


Please call (716) 839-0500 to schedule your appointment with the following providers. We are also accepting new patients.