A Healthy Man Says “I Love You Too”

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Women are more likely to go to visit a doctor on a regular basis. We go for our annual mammogram, our yearly pap test, and are aware of the need to do monthly self-breast exams. However, our men are better at maintaining the house, the car, and the lawn than they are about their own bodies. We women make sure we cook healthy dinners, and are most likely to remind our men to avoid unhealthy risks. We want our men to stay in our lives for a long time and here are some of the things men can do for themselves to make sure they stay healthy for the ones that love them.

If men are having difficulty urinating, then it may indicate that they have an enlarged prostate. Seeing a doctor for screening test can help detect the problem and treatment can begin. Some men consider this test an uncomfortable and embarrassing exam which is why they avoid it, but this test can help save their lives. Another test men may see as embarrassing and uncomfortable is a colonoscopy to help detect colorectal cancer, but colorectal cancer can go undetected for a long time if posing a serious health risk. While women are encouraged to conduct self-breast exams to look for changes in the breast, men are also encouraged to conduct self exams for testicular cancer to look for lumps, bumps, or any changes in shape and size. Women are hyper-vigilant about exposure to the sun to help avoid age spots and wrinkles, but men are actually at a higher risk for skin cancer than women. Men should also take care to have their cholesterol checked to prevent any cardiovascular problems, have their screening test for diabetes, and have their eyes tested every 1-2 years for glaucoma.

When men stop to take the time to maintain their bodies they let those who love them know that they too care about being around for a long time. It’s another way to say, “I love you too”. Let your loved ones know you care by making an appointment with WNY Medical, PC at 4979 Harlem Road by calling 923-4380.

Written by

Diane Woolverton

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