Compliance is Key to Good Health

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Aphasia occurs when a person loses the ability to produce or understand spoken or written language. Many possible causes exist for the disorder. These include stroke, tumors, brain injury, certain surgeries, bacterial or viral infections, and some neurological conditions. Read more

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Who do we turn to when something is wrong with our health? We go to the most trusted source; our doctor. We spend our hard-earned money and our time in the waiting room for our turn to tell the doctor what is wrong, and we look to him or her for answers to help us fix it. But do we always listen?

One of the most frustrating things for a doctor is when we do ask for help and the doctor recommends treatment, prescriptions, or therapies, we don’t follow the doctor’s orders. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to follow the advice of our doctor. Our doctors have spent long, hard years learning the best ways to treat patients and non-compliance is a doctor’s main concern. Our doctors have dedicated their lives to helping us live happy, healthy lives.

The best thing we can do for them, and ourselves, is to follow through with whatever they advise. Many of us are guilty of stopping medication once we begin to feel better, or deciding that what the doctor recommended is either unnecessary or inconvenient. Even something as simple as a routine mammogram can be dismissed by a patient, which can be dangerous. When we put our health and our lives in our doctors’ hands we trust that they not only have our best interests at heart, but also know what the best course of action to take to treat us. Let us help them do their job. Our lives may depend on it!

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Written by

Diane Woolverton