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Polycystic Kidney Disease

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Smart Use of Painkillers

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Facts About Fatigue

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Shingles occurs in some people years after they have had chicken pox. The varicella-zoster virus, which causes chicken pox, lies dormant in the body and somehow reactivates. Symptoms include tingling, pain, and itching in a localized area followed by Read more


Aphasia occurs when a person loses the ability to produce or understand spoken or written language. Many possible causes exist for the disorder. These include stroke, tumors, brain injury, certain surgeries, bacterial or viral infections, and some neurological conditions. Read more

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In the last year or so we have seen a number of alternative exercise businesses opening up in our neighborhoods. Places offering yoga, meditation, and massage, are popping up all over Western New York. What these alternative solutions to traditional medicine can offer us are healthy solutions that feed the mind, body, and soul.

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that offers a low-impact exercise that is beneficial to the mind and body. People over the age of 50 can benefit from yoga as it helps to reduce stress, provides relaxation, and can help to improve movement and balance. With the additional benefit of breathing exercises from yoga, it can help to lower blood pressure. If you are a fit senior you may benefit from a more faster-paced form of yoga. Finding which type of yoga is important for the objectives you want to achieve and checking out a few of the places around your neighborhood will help answer those questions.

Meditation can help people reduce pain. It has been used to treat chronic pain by helping patients focus their attention on breathing patterns and distracting them from their pain by letting go of thoughts that center on pain. It can also be helpful for postoperative pain and acute pain situations by reducing the emotional responses to pain in the mind. Meditation can also reduce cardiovascular risk factors and increase longevity by achieving a state of stillness, rest, and an absence of mental chaos.

The benefits of massage can be many. Those with muscular problems can benefit from a professional massage which helps to reduce the amount of lactic acid that builds up in muscles through inactivity which can cause pain. Massage can also help reduce stress and help one to feel rejuvenated and promote overall wellness. Massage can help reduce injuries and help with movements of the joints. Before embarking on a good massage one needs to ask, “What is the purpose of my massage; to reduce stress and provide relaxation or to help deal with a health problem?” There again, before booking a massage let the therapist know what you are looking for.

As with any new form of treatment, one always should consult a doctor to make sure these types of treatment are safe for you to do. These types of alternative treatments can offer many benefits but only if your doctor is aware of what your intentions are and agrees that it will be beneficial and not harmful to you. Consult the medical professionals at WNY Medical, PC by calling 923-4380 for an appointment or stop by the office at 4979 Harlem Rd., Amherst.

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Diane Woolverton