The Women of WNY Medical, PC

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It is not often that you find a doctor’s office staffed and run all by women. WNY Medical is one of those rare offices. Dr. Riffat Sadiq, president of WNY Medical, PC is an Internist and Geriatrician. Educated at Fatima Jinna Medical College in Lahore, Pakistan, Dr. Sadiq fulfilled her residency and post graduate education at the University of Buffalo. Dr. Sadiq is a not only a dedicated professional at WNY Medical, but is also Director of Medical Services at the Community Health Center of Buffalo, President of the Geriatrician Associates Services, and Director of Acute Geriatric Services at ECMC.

Dr. Linda Benjamin is a Physician at WNY Medical, PC. She is also assisted by Physician Assistants Amy Munroe, Kara Woods, Allyson Kirk, Vanessa Santiago, and Debbie Longbine. The woman who operates and keeps the office running at maximum efficiency is Robin Nacca. WNY Medical, PC is a highly organized, professional, and very caring doctor’s office. If you are looking for an office with compassion and heart, contact the secretary, Joanne Wiskup for an appointment at 923-4380, or stop in to the office located at 4979 Harlem Rd. in Amherst.

Written by

Diane Woolverton

Find the Right Fit

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As we get older our reasons for seeing a doctor changes. We are encountering different changes in our bodies, some of which need extra special attention and care. The 50 and over population begin to deal with different ailments, diseases, and illnesses many doctors are not focused on or trained to treat. Sometimes as we age our expectations for doctor–patient relationships change. One of the things we may have to consider is looking to find a doctor that deals specifically with the 50 and over population. A doctor who is trained in the diagnosis, treatment, and care that is specific to our population and who is up to date on the latest conditions, medicines, theories, tests, and nutritional needs specific to our population. While many of us have held long-standing relationships with our physicians, some of us need to transition to physicians geared towards the 50 and over population. This is a decision not easily made, but can be the one decision made to your greatest benefit: your health and well being. If you are in the position or feel the need to consider transitioning to a doctor who has the latest care information on the 50 and over population, consider contacting the WNY Medical, PC professionals located at 4979 Harlem Rd., Amherst or calling 923-4389 for an appointment. The physicians at WNY Medical, PC are highly trained for our specific population and can offer the most up to date care plans to keep us healthy, active, and enjoying the quality of life we so deserve.

Written by Diane Woolverton